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In 1998 O.K. has released album "Well" of original Lithuanian songs

Album consists of 10 original O.K. songs.

With this album worked: Andrius Daugirdas, Jonas Vasilevicius, Arvydas Skernevicius, Stasys Zacharovas and Vladas Kovaliovas.



In 2002 O.K. has released album "In Rock 'n' Roll"

Album consists of 25 songs. In this album band O.K. performing songs of famous musicians like: Creedence, Shakin Stevens, Erick Clapton, Gregor Hilden, Metalica-Thin Lizzy, B.B.King, Dire Straits, C.Berry, Elvis Presley, Beatles, Gary Wiggins C.C.Cale, Ten Years After, Queen.

With this album worked: Viktortas, Arvydas, Jonas ir Aleksejus. 



In 2008 O.K. has released the album "On The Stone"

The album consists of 16 own created Lithuanian songs in Rock style.

With this album worked: Viktoras, Arvydas, Jonas, Vladas, Aleksejus, Artūras

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