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A well-known in Lithuania and abroad blues band The Road Band was formed in the summer of 1992 in Vilnius.
The Road Band plays standard and original songs in rhythm and blues rocknroll, jazz, and country styles. Had played more than one thousand concerts. The band is described in the book "Who is who in Vilnius district 2003".
The band has released 12 albums.

The Road Band musicians:

  • Aleksandr Belkin - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, harp. Is the leader of the band. The author of the most of the original songs of the band. He has the diplomas of Vilnius Conservatory and VPU. Before he formed The Road Band, he used to play in many jazz, blues and rocknroll bands. He played in the first Lithuanian blues band Hilda Blues Band. With those bands he toured many European countries. In 1999 as a member of The Country Blues Session Band he participated in Country Europe international contest in Mragowo, Poland; the band won the second award there. Aleksandr has released his 2 solo blues albums Real Love and Black Papa. Apart from his playing in "The Road Band", Aleksandr Belkin participates in many music projects together with famous Lithuanian musicians, also plays with foreign musicans. The most famous are Keb' Mo' (1996 in Holland), Studebaker John (2007 in Lithuania), Ian Siegal (2009 in Lithuania), Kenny Neal (2010 - jam session in Palanga, Lithuania) and Larry Garner (2011m. jam session in Vilnius). Sometimes, Aleksandr makes gigs with big bands. Aleksandr Belkin is described in the book "Who is who in Lithuania" (2002, 2006) He has written and published the book "A brief history of Jazz" supplied with CD (publishing house "Kronta"). In the festival "Blues Nights" on 2003 he's got a "Golden string" award. On 2003 and 2008 in the "Country Saloon" in Vilnius A. Belkin won a Grand Prix in the contest of cazoo playing. Aleksandr - is the member of "The World Resophonic Association". Besides, he is invovled as a member of the best harmonic‘s players of the world.
  • Darius Kodikas - saxophones, keyboards and percussion. Is the oldest member of the band. He has a diploma of Vilnius Conservatory. He is a very creative musician and shares his ideas with many famous Lithuanian jazz musicians. The peculiar rocknroll timbre of his saxophone imparts different moods to the bands compositions and contributes to the beat of the band.
  • Sergejus Sopelevas-Vysocki - bass guitar. Sergei plays the bass guitar, arranges music compositions and composes music. Sergei Sopelev started his musical career in 1997. In 1978-1981 he served in a military orchestra where he played the tuba in a big band and a variety band. In 1982-1987 he studied at Vilnius J. Tallat-Kelpsa Music Colledge and played in a band "Veidrodis". In 1988-1993 Sergei studied at St. Petersburg Culture Academy the leader of an orchestra speciality. Sergei Sopelev has taught music since 1983; since 1988 he has been leading the bass guitar, arrangement, instrumentation, improvisation and ensebmble classes at Vilnius Conservatory. Since 1986 Sergei has participated in all prominent Lithuanian jazz festivals. As a session musician he has recorded many albums with diferent Lithuanian composers. In 1995-1997 he played the bass guitar in "The Road Band". In 1997-1999 he played in G. Paskevicius band, composed music and recorded two albums with that band. At the same period he played in concerts with "The Gypsy Kings" and Demis Russos, toured with concerts in Russia, Poland, Denmark and Germany. In 1999 he released his solo album "EGO". In 2003 Sergei rejoined "The Road Band". (- So I'm completely satisfied at the moment (ain't talking any fucking bullshit!), - says Sergei Sopelev).
  • Jevgenij Zubkevich - drums. He started his musicans career when he was 6 years old at music school.When he was 14 he started to play on drums at variety school ensemble. While he was the member of Plentas group, he participated in Lituanica-86 festival, had concerts in rock klubs in Riga. At the time he was studeing in Klaipeda conservatory , he was playing with S. Siauciulio quartet, and with such singers as M.Granovskaja and S. Januska, moreover he was the member of different festivals in Vitebsk, Kryvoj Rog, Moscow, Kazan, Jaroslavl and Birstonas, was the member in different musicans projects in Klaipeda, also was the member of festivals in Sweden, Germany, Denmark. Either Jevgenij was the member of Nerija, Crazy crow groups, and the founder of Tax free group. From 1998 Jevgenij Zubkevic is living in Vilnius and was collaborated with E. Sipavicius, Neda, Arina, G. Paskevicius and other musicans. With differnet musican projects he giged in Norway, Poland. Now in Vilnius he gigs with such groups as East and west, Blues cats, Latino kabareto. From 2005 is playing with the group THE ROAD BAND. Official website - www.bugnupamokos.lt
  • Arvydas Međka - keyboards. Arvydas Međka started play music in 1963. In 1975 graduated from Tallat-Kelpđa higher music school. Took a playing trombone and orchestra conducting degree. Learned to play with these instruments: accordion, voltorne, trombone, piano. Since 1970 has been playing with Vilnius blues, jazz, and pop musicians and singers. Cooperated with different bands like “Drops”, “Strange brew”, “R-studija”. Played with his band at Danish`s “DFDS LISCO” cargo ships and ferries. Currently Arvydas Međka has been playing with blues group “The Road Band“.


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